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"I've been actively using AdFly since June of 2014, when I created my mod. I like the simplicity of AdFly. It's really easy to start using the service and start creating links. Everything is straightforward and not confusing like some other services.

When I first discovered AdFly, I used to link things like my social media or websites. I then started using AdFly actively for one of my Minecraft Projects "Lucky Block Blue". AdFly provided me with an easy way to link users to the mod download while also helping me financially.

I recommend to other Publishers to share your links with people who have use to the websites or content that they link to. Finding the correct people to share with may be hard, but just sharing your links to anyone will be considered as spam and lead to people not wanting to click on the AdFly link. For me since I was linking to a Minecraft mod, I shared my link on websites like "Planetminecraft" and "9minecraft" and they marketed to the Minecraft community looking for Minecraft mods. This helped my AdFly links be more frequently clicked on and increased my earnings a lot.

I totally recommend AdFly, I've already spread the word here where I live. When one of my friends wants to start an internet project like a texture pack or mod like me, I always tell them to link the download via AdFly so they can earn a little profit while having fun with their project."

Paul Kang

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