What is a custom domain? And how does it work?

A custom domain name allows you to use your own domain with our system. So when you shrink a link in your account, instead of looking like:

it will look like:

The shortened URL will be branded like your website, giving increased confidence to your visitors that the destination website is in fact what they are looking for.

If someone else has abused our service in the past and the domain has been blocked, this is not fair on you. Now by using your own domain - you are in full control.

They look great! If you run a forum about F1 racing and your website is, you could use on your account.

Everything about the links will work exactly as it does on the domain, the pay rates are the same and the same rules ( still apply.

DNS Instructions

Before you can use your domain on you will need to update a DNS record for it. This is quite an advanced feature so please only proceed if you are experienced with DNS.

The only record we are interested in is a CNAME RECORD, you need to create / edit your domain (or sub domain) CNAME RECORD to point to address:

Exactly how this done depends on where your domain is hosted. Please check with your Web Hosting provider or Domain Registrar if you are unsure.

WARNING: Any existing website on the domain / sub domain who's CNAME RECORD has been updated will no longer work.

When you are ready to add a custom domain to and you have updated the CNAME RECORD please go to:

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