Why has my advertiser account been terminated for potential fraud?

Unfortunately on the Internet where there is money, there is fraud.

At AdFly we have sophisticated detection methods setup based on our years of experience in this area. For obvious reasons we cannot go into detail as we need to keep one step ahead in order to ensure the integrity of our service.

If your account has been terminated and you have been directed to this KB article, we have detected one or more serious problems with your account.

Normally, this will be because your account has been linked to a previously terminated account on AdFly and we are stopping any further abuse of our system.

If you strongly believe this has been in error and you have not violated our Terms and Conditions in any way:

and/or have never used AdFly in the past on other accounts, you can appeal this decision by creating a ticket here:

Please enter the subject 'Account termination appeal'. We will review your account in detail and get back to you within 3 working days.

This is no guarantee that the termination will be lifted.

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