How can I get more visitors to my campaign?

When you are not receiving as many visitors to your campaign as you would like, we have the Traffic Booster. This allows you to optionally increase your CPM bid on each campaign.

The highest CPM bid receives the most traffic. You can check your current position and/or modify your CPM by clicking the little configuration icon next to your campaign.


For example, you have a Worldwide campaign and would like more visitors. The current default CPM for Worldwide is $1.00, if you were to increase this to $1.20 you would receive significantly more visitors to your campaign.

To be able to use our Traffic Booster you need to have spent at least $20 in past campaigns. Please notice that we are not referring to deposits to the Wallet, the money needs to have been spent

The Traffic Booster is optional, it can be enabled and disabled at any time.

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