What is the "White label traffic" feature?

If you are a traffic reseller and you purchase traffic from AdFly to send to your client's websites, our White Label Traffic feature will allow you to hide the AdFly referral URL.

This avoids the risk that your client could come directly to us to purchase future orders.

Next time you create a new campaign, make sure you tick the 'White Label Traffic' box to enable this feature.


Or, if you are already running a campaign, please follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your Advertiser's account.
  2. Click on the little wrench icon on the right side of the campaign you wish to update.
  3. Go to the 'White Label Traffic' field and tick the box to enable.
  4. Click the Update button.


We will now send visitors to this website without any mention of AdFly in the referral URL, Google Analytics will show this as a 'direct source'.

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