Creating a campaign - By Arifa Ashrafi

" I have been using AdFly for over 4 years and I still remember I got my first payment from AdFly on the 7th November of 2011.

On those days I wanted to use my website traffic and links to monetize. Then I discovered AdFly and started to monetize my links and site with affiliate banners. From the very first day I was getting good response and earnings from AdFly. That's how I started my journey and now I'm a proud member of this big happy family.

I like almost everything about AdFly. When I started I could only shorten my links and earn money. Now one can monetize a whole website with AdFly since they have added nice features like Pop Ads, Full Page Script, Website Entry Script, etc.

I can give only one advice: Share your links everywhere. Some people tend to shorten links but don't share them which is a big minus points for many publishers out there.

I would definitely recommend AdFly because I have seen thousands of advertising networks come and go but there are some who are here to make friends and AdFly is one of them. Without a doubt the best link shortener service I've seen. Once again thank you AdFly! "

Arifa Ashrafi

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