What are 'Partner Networks'?

AdFly has partnered with other premium ad networks to enable a larger, more diverse source of traffic.

This means that some of your visitors could optionally come from one of these partners and not AdFly. All traffic from our partners is closely monitored and goes through the same anti-bot and fraud
procedures that traffic from AdFly does.

For example, you wish to have 50k visitors a day from USA but with your current bid and available traffic on AdFly, you only receive 30k visitors day. If you enable 'Partner Networks', the other 20k visitors a day could still be sent to your campaign from USA via our partners.

You do not pay anymore for this, your bid on AdFly is the same bid used everywhere.

To allow you to segregate and track users from other networks, we automatically add the following variable to your advertising campaign URL:


Where xxxxx is the id of the partner network.

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