How do I unsubscribe from Push notifications?

If you no longer want to receive push notifications from a website you subscribed earlier, please follow these simple steps:

Chrome Browser

  • Open Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/content in a new tab.
  • A pop-up window with content setting will be displayed, scroll down and tap ‘Notifications’.
  • A list of website URLs you have subscribed for will appear. Select the website URL you want to unsubscribe. Here you can allow, deny or completely delete a website URL.


Firefox Browser

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser, then go to the Firefox menu and select ‘Options’.
  • Select ‘Privacy & Security’ and scroll down to ‘Permissions’, then click the ‘Notifications’ settings.
  • A ‘Notification Permissions’ window will pop-up. In this section, select the site URLs you wish to unsubscribe. Then click on ‘Remove Web Site’.


Android Devices

  • Open Chrome browser and Click on Menu, under this section tap ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll Down and click on ‘Site Settings’.
  • In ‘Site Settings’, again continue to scroll down and choose ‘Notifications’.
  • In ‘Notifications’, select the site you want to allow or deny push notifications.
  • On the next screen, tap on ‘Clear & Reset’, a pop-up will appear asking for your permission to Allow or Block notifications from the selected website. Choose the option as per your preference.
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